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Sole, Lundy, Fastnet…

January 29, 2011

Southeast veering west 5, increasing 6 to gale 8, perhaps severe gale 9 later. Rough, increasing very rough or high. Rain then squally showers.

So, as the shipping forecast so reassuringly predicts. Life chez me and MB has been, predictably, squally.  Its been a weird day today as I went off to Tango last night, alone. Hopeful that MB would join me at the milonga and then some lessons with these great teachers today, but  no.. He’s been totally wrapped up in the world of Twitter, FB and Egypt and turned himself into a kind of roving desk-bound reporter, filing his copy as events unfold. Except he isn’t, he’s stuck in a small town, hating it, and probably hating me when I get scratchy.

After the squally shower when I stomped off last night and then refused to talk or come home today, I thougth things might be different when I got back. They were, for a bit. But he’s obviously double dosed as we started to watch a film and he dozed off..

I feel really annoyed. Because I know he stayed up late last night tweeting and whatever. I hate that he can just ‘check out’ of our relationship when he wants, and placate me with ‘I love you’.

I hate that he has the means to do that. I hate that I’m angry about it. I hate feeling these things.

perhaps severe gale 9 later

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