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Mousetraps, memory and muchness

January 15, 2011

MB and I have been wrapped in the warmest of Christmas embraces. Having little money forced us to hibernate, away from the world of enforced jollity, Christmas parties and so forth. (Oh ok, we have NO FRIENDS, and no one invited us anyway…)

So, we hunkered down, with just DVD’s, the warmth of real fires, simple food and lots of chocolate for company over the last few days. And cocooned together in a kind of twilight world of eating, making love, watching endless episodes of Six Feet Under, we’ve got comfortable.

MB has also become increasingly interested in Tango how-to-videos, on YouTube see here and has been carefully studying the Forward Ocho, The Cross and walking in Paralell and Cross Systems.. Being obsessive compulsive clearly has it’s advantages for MB, when he gets into something, he really gets into it. And so it must have been for him with his drug of choice too, although something about the sonambulent nature of heroin gives me the impression that you can’t get too worked up about anything, whilst under the influence.

That’s the difference between me and MB. Energy. I’m amazed by how sleepy he is, I know it’s probably the meds, but he could happily doze until 11am, get up a few hours, potter around and go right back to bed mid-afternoon for a sleepy nap. He’ s like a very cute Dormouse. The Dormouse in fact.

You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!’

(Carroll, L, 1865)

The Dormouse had a lot to say about treacle I seem to remember. Right now, I’m struggling, to find a way forward with my life, which seems stuck in a treacle well. Like the three girls that lived in Carroll’s fictional sticky hole, I feel stuck. I can’t climb out, and keep getting drowsily and comfortably stuck further.

It’s as if MB’s meds are rubbing off on me, I feel so warm, happy and comfortable when we are together, as if nothing matters and we can stay, cocooned, stuffed in a giant teapot together…

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