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Everybody wants to be a cat

December 7, 2010

MB and  I have our first row today complete with shouty storming-out histrionics (me, but quite rightly so!) and snarky, below-the-belt defensive comments (him, no justification because I caught him Doing a Bad Thing)

The row centred around my simple entreaty that we not do Facebook or other pointless wastes of our precious time on this planet while we are hanging out this weekend. Mainly because a) we had been apart all week (me working in London) and b) because  that is what being at WORK is for!

So MB wanted to FB and chat and do his photo uploads and I wanted to lay in bed with a cup and snuggle a bit longer. Anyway, it all got out of hand and he ended up accusing me of being needy and demanding and worse than our very needy and demanding Siamese cat.

Top Cat

Faced with the unhappy reality that owners do grow to resemble their pets in many ways, I then did what any self respecting pissed-off feline would. No I didn’t urinate on his clothes, but I did show him my arse and run away (taking with me my Iphone, so handy for Facebooking and uploading photos)

Having then clambered rather precariously onto a slippery piece of moral highground, I  cooled my paws and waited for MB’s Sat double-dose to kick in. He’s always more relaxed after that, and soon enough  he was scratching piteously on my catflap to get back in.

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